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When We Reveal How Powerful Honey is as a Healing Lotion,

You Probably Won't Believe Us!

You can learn to be a beekeeper and make honey!

If honey was introduced into medical schools it could solve some very nasty ailments and provide an alternative to expensive, less effective methods of treatment.

Studies have been done and documented on how RAW honey can be used in the treatment of open seeping wounds. Raw honey is especially useful and has amazing healing powers when eaten and applied to the open cut or gash directly.

Studies have shown that honey not only helps to repair the skin and the wound but also prevents secondary infections. How can this be possible? Raw honey, the kind taken straight from the hive to the bottle, contains natural bacteria. Honey also infuses the properties of the source of the nectar and pollen from which these components of honey were collected.

Honey is particularly well suited in treatment of seeping wounds and head wounds where the bleeding is not easy to stop. We go into more detail on the application and benefits of bee honey in this type of treatment. You can also see the results from tests done in a scientific environment when honey treatment is compared to that of salt and other salves when treating an open cut.

What other medical uses can bee honey be used for? Well, it certainly can ease a sore throat and help with a cough. It goes well with most teas as an alternative to sugar. Some diabetics are able to eat honey and substitute sugar with honey as it is already digested by the bees in the process. Be sure to consult your doctor before doing this.

Honey is generally a type of natural sugar that the body doesn't need to digest or breakdown. This is one reason why it can be eaten by some levels of diabetics. No insulin is required to convert the sugars into manageable food stuffs for the body's cells. This is because honey is digested during the honey making process by the worker bees and then stored in honey cells to ripen. So, when we eat honey it is already processed and is accepted directly into the blood stream!

Honey is good for the hair as a treatment. Many shampoos include honey or an extract of honey for treatment. It can help with treatment of a dry scalp for instance.

For more info on the medicinal uses of honey and other Bee products, why don't you go check out a book on Bee Medicine and Remedies.



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