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Bee Books packed with methods from old and new masters about keeping bees, harvesting honey & Bee Course Video available!

We supply beekeeping equipment, training and bee info. The best bee book available on the planet is likely to be the Beekeeping in South Africa title with its blue cover.

Written in 2001 it still contains a mountain of information regarding beekeeping no matter where you keep bees. Aside from this blue book we have written our own bee books which are more easily available for international buyers and beginner beekeepers as they are ebooks and can be downloaded within seconds of processing payment. Plus you get the added benefit of 60 day's money back guarantee!

Beekeeping is an amazing sport, hobby, interest, tool, business and skill. Almost anywhere people can keep bees and harvest honey. Species will very from continent to continent and even within countries. The fact is that it is difficult not to apply beekeeping info and skills across the planet. It is very much like carpentry. In fact carpentry and beekeeping are husbandry trades. You benefit knowing carpentry as then you can make your own bee hives as well.

We keep bees for interest and environmental benefit but also to enjoy raw honey and the outdoors. We've done it now for over 8 years. It's phenomenal what bees are capable of.

They pollinate over 60% of our food source globally. Flies, ants and other insects & birds do their bit but some crops just wouldn't exist without the help of our yellow and black coloured worker bee. Not too long ago, the Apis Mellifera Scutellata was exported to South America to cross breed with the local bees from South Africa. Unfortunately, as in most cases when man gets involved with nature, things didnt quite work out according to plan.

The Scutellata queen bees escaped and have now become a territorial pest by mastering the local bee population and breeding them out. They are so proficient that they crossed up into North America and are now quickly populating the continent too. They have been dubiously dubbed the African Killer Bee!!

Now, if you want to keep bees in America you best learn more about the Apis Mellifera Scutellata as she will colonise your continent completely and rather know your enemy as your friend than as your enemy.

To this end, we have written various ebooks on bee keeping based solely on the Scutellata, although applicable to most other bees, so that beginner beekeepers can still take advantage of the wonderful art and science of beekeeping.

As you will see briefly below, we have listed a number of products available for starting beekeeping and they are packed with bee info. We cover some basic beekeeping info with the Practical Beekeeping beginner's guide with bonus reports included, or for the more advanced beekeeper to study Honeybee colony creator which gives you some simple but effective ways to breed your own queen bees.

In addition to the titles listed above, you should also familiarise yourself with the Swarm Catcher ebook which introduces the lack of a large scale industry for buying bee colonies in South Africa. The Scutellata is so ambitious that there is no or little need to buy bees in South Africa. While using some basic household ingredients you can lure bees into a catch box or nuc box within a matter of days in the Spring season!

At the right time of year you can catch and fill 60-80% of the boxes you put out in the field with bees. Why pay for bees when you can simply use our techniques and lure them into your bee hives?

Bees are fascinating! The bee course we offer runs for a full day but it would take about 3 months to read the beekeeping in South Africa book once and comprehend the vast amount of bee info it contains. Then you would have to re-read it in order to fully come to grips with the specialised areas of beekeeping for at least another 6 months if you wanted to develop the interest into a business.

Is there money in keeping bees? You can make money beekeeping! The growing demand for green products hasnt even begun yet. Raw honey is one of the greenest products you can get your hands on and it enjoys the spin off of creating additional green "credits" as it enhances biodiversity amongst flora and genetic diversity.

Start beekeeping now! Get one of the books listed below. Then come on our bee course if you can.

Bee Books

At Beebooks.co.za, we believe in providing top quality information regarding honeybees and keeping bees. We have spent the last 8 years keeping bees and 3 years training beginner beekeepers to start beekeeping!

We have found that although we have a great deal of local beekeeping learners coming to our bee course there are so many more that just cannot afford to travel to our province with the additional expense. Over the years we have developed various options for beekeepers wanting to start keeping bees to do so without coming on our bee course if they were too far away!

Mini Course Bee Video

We are proud to announce that we have also made a "Mini Course Bee video" that is 35 minutes long to make it easy to access via the internet to download from anywhere in the world! It is professionally edited so that you get the best of over 3 hours of actual REAL Bee Course Footage in the 35 Minute Mini Video .

We also have this extended bee video footage available for beekeepers however will only be available via mail order in South Africa only!

Practical Beekeeping: A Beginner's Guide

Not only do we provide a digital bee book called, "Practical Beekeeping: A Beginner's Guide" which is 56 pages and written by us. It is available for a mere $17 and is downloadable from anywhere in the world once you make payment.

Beekeeping in South Africa

We also supply what we call the best bee book every written on beekeeping! Although it is written for South African beekeepers it is by no means exclusive in general. This bee book is also referred to as the Blue Book which denotes the colour of the cover. It consists of over 280 pages of bee info!

We always recommend that Bee Course learners purchase a copy of the Beekeeping in South Africa book as a take home reference which covers so much more of the bee info we aren't able to in a Full Day Bee Course!

So, below, you can find a selection of our best bee info products! The Beekeeping in South Africa book is a tangible product and can be ordered over the internet however it is a mail order product. It is only available within South Africa for the quoted prices.


**If you are an international client, please enquire directly to allow us the opportunity to provide you with a postal order quote to your country. All other bee info products are available all around the world anytime.**

*Mail order or collection option only*

Beekeeping in South Africa is the bible of reference for any beekeeper...

It's also referred to as the blue book. It reveals beekeeping master secrets in over 280 pgs of comprehensive info.

Not only is it in its 3rd edition, but this bee book is ONLY available in hard copy from a very few select outlets.

Some of the many bee secrets you will discover are:

  • Harvesting honey
  • Managing bee hives
  • Discover Queen bee secrets
  • Bee family and history of beekeeping
  • Full colour pictures on over 20pgs
  • Bee diseases
  • Types of honey: comb honey, organic honey & more
  • Types of bees: worker bee, queen bee and drones
  • Bee supplies & honey bee control
  • Quoted prices for South Africa ONLY!

Order the Blue Book now!

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If you order the Practical Beekeeping bee book, you automatically receive the bonus reports on catching swarms and creating new queen bees. It is $17 and available at our sister site http://www.beeware.co.za/practical_beekeeping.htm

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However, if you prefer to achieve a specific goal in your beekeeping, we have provided these Mini Reports which are extended versions of the bonus reports as separate bee info products. At a $9 fee each, you receive much more than just an ebook, you get the bee secrets that give you the info to catch bees or create new queen bees.

Swarm Catcher Mini Report provides beekeeping secrets that show you exactly how you can catch wild honey bee swarms to start beekeeping. Traditionally, you can buy your bees from another beekeeper. Why do this when you can discover the secret to catching honey bees already looking for a place to move into at no cost to you!? You just ensure you have the right equipment ready. We provide you with the exact list of bee supplies you need to catch swarms!

Honeybee Colony Creator Mini Report discusses Master Beekeeping Secrets that can explode the number of bee colonies you have in your apiary! Find out how to use existing honey bee colonies in your apiary to create new queen bees and double or even triple the honeybee colonies you own! Discover secrets of Queen Rearing!

"Swarm Catcher"
Mini report

"Honey bee Colony Creator"
Mini report

Swarm Catcher - a mini report which shows you exactly how to learn to catch wild HONEY BEE swarms and make them yours!

No fees involved! No need to buy a single queen bee ever again!

Added Benefit: You get to add free bee colonies to your Apiary at no or little cost.

Master Secrets of Beekeepers Revealed in this Mini Report titled:

"Swarm Catcher"

Get it separately for just $9 with immediate download!


Honey Bee Colony Creator - a mini report which shows you exactly how to Create New Bee Colonies and make new queen bees!

No fees involved! No need to buy a single queen bee ever again!

How is it that you can make your own bee colonies? Find out how!

Master Secrets of Beekeepers Revealed in this Mini Report titled:

"Honey bee Colony Creator"

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Practical Beekeeping Beginner's Ebook!


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